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The week that was | 11 June 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson says Obama is shaking the foundations of the Special Relationship.

James Forsyth considers how the Tory backbenchers must come to define themselves, and watches Cameron repulse Harriet Harman’s misdirected PMQs assault.

David Blackburn believes that Barack Obama’s antagonism toward BP is rooted in desperation and prejudice, and watches as the Labour leadership contest descends into farce.

Daniel Korski notes that NATO would open talks with the Taliban.

Susan Hill reckons that every little helps.

Rod Liddle thinks that Dian Abbott wielded the knife against John McDonnell.

Alex Massie ponders Obama’s motives in castigating BP.

And Melanie Phillips is aghast at the derangement of the world.