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The week that was | 12 November 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson says that the 50p tax rate is the coalition's most expensive policy, and explains the difference between English and Scottish poppies.

James Forsyth writes that the Lib Dems have been spared by idiotic students, and sets out Labour's Woolas trouble.

Peter Hoskin outlines ten things you need to know about the IDS reforms, and reveals Alan Johnson's deceptions and out-of-date figures.

David Blackburn reports on Britain's threadbare defence establishment, and highlights the mounting concerns over Ireland's economy.

Daniel Korksi tells our politicians to stop dreaming of Leo McGarry.

Rod Liddle enjoys Labour's latest method for reconnecting with voters.

Alex Massie wants more emphasis on the story in history.

Melanie Phillips lambasts the latest intervention by the EU President.

The Spectator Arts Blog features a playlist from the pianist James Rhodes.

And the new Spectator Book Blog reports on a cracking wheeze.