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The week that was | 14 August 2009

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Comments are some of the posts made on this week.

Fraser Nelson says that Lord Mandelson’s attempt to incite class war avoids the real problems confronting education, and laments the fate of 'Brown’s children'.

James Forsyth says that understanding the real origins of the Osborne - Mandelson feud reveals why Mandelson is perpetuating it, and wants a constructive debate on the NHS.

Peter Hoskin argues that Mandelson’s inept counterattack proves Labour are clueless about how to respond to George Osborne’s Progressive Conservatism, and doubts that Daniel Hannan’s comments about the NHS will damage the Tories in the long run.

David Blackburn asks what is wrong with being a career politician, and notes the return of the Prince of Darkness.

Daniel Korski sees progress in Kosovo but accepts that there is more work still to do.

Martin Bright says that Alan Duncan’s outburst should be a warning to David Cameron.

And, Alex Massie thinks that the picture of the NHS given by opponents to Obama's health plans is not hugely accurate.