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The week that was | 14 May 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson offers reasons to hope amid the misplaced optimism, and comments that Brown saved the worst till last.

James Forsyth reveals who missed out on Cabinet, and watches the coalition pass the easy bit with flying colours.

Peter Hoskin argues that the coalition’s first test will be the emergency budget, and critiques the Tory campaign.

David Blackburn urges the Tory right to put up and shut up, and believes that Labour must recognise the scale of its defeat.

Daniel Korski wants the reforms to begin.

Martin Bright says the Labour party must move on.

Susan Hill praises the Department of Education.

Rod Liddle reckons this will finish the Liberals.

Alex Massie thinks the coalition is playing for keeps.

Melanie Phillips says Dave shouldn’t have blinked.

And Cappuccino Culture insists that Alan Watkins did not die a sullen misery.