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The week that was | 16 April 2010

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Keep up to date with the election on Spectator Live, where Gaby Hinsliff urges the need for police reform.

Here are some of the posts made at over the past week:

The Leaders’ Debate:

Fraser Nelson believes that the novelty of Nick Clegg won it for him.

James Forsyth celebrates a good night for democracy.

Peter Hoskin thinks that though Clegg won outright, it wasn’t all bad for Cameron.        

Martin Bright congratulates all those involved and argues that Gordon Brown did well.

Alex Massie’s list reads Clegg wins, Brown survives and Cameron misses.

And Cappuccino Culture thought it was dreadful television.

The Manifesto Launches:

Fraser Nelson praises a great Tory manifesto.

Peter Hoskin thinks the Lib Dems have found their issue, and watches Labour’s ‘thin air manifesto’.

Martin Bright is struck by the plain similarities between Labour and the Tories.

Alex Massie introduces the Tocqueville Tories.

The Campaign

James Forsyth wonders what ringfencing is LibDem land.

David Blackburn thinks Brown’s admission of his economic errors destroys any remaining reasons to vote Labour.

Daniel Korski ponders voter turnout.

Susan Hill has a question about housing.

Rod Liddle thinks Brown needs a moral compass.

And Melanie Phillips says the election hasn’t caught the mood.