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The week that was | 16 July 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson castigates Vince Cable’s graduate tax, and welcomes Andrew Lansley’s health reforms.

James Forsyth explains how Ed Miliband would retake middle England, and considers the Balls deterrent.

Peter Hoskin watches Michael Gove open an offensive, and argues that the OBR’s growth forecasts are not overly optimistic.

David Blackburn witnesses the government struggle before the Treasury select committee, and says the government could learn from John Bird.

Susan Hill asks where the hell does the emergency aid money go.

Rod Liddle is in a dilemma. Who is more stupid: the ‘Moaty’ fan club, or Zenna Atkins?

Alex Massie wonders how many Tories ‘hate’ David Cameron.

And Melanie Phillips praises Paul Berman’s latest book.