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The week that was | 17 December 2010

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth talk to George Osborne.

Fraser Nelson delves into the government’s deregulation drive, and asks for your books of the year.

James Forsyth wonders how best the coalition can keep its troops happy, and considers David Cameron’s efforts to abolish IPSA.

Peter Hoskin watches Eric Pickles kick-start the blame game, and argues that Bob Ainsworth has a point on the war on drugs.

David Blackburn examines the clot at the heart of the MoD, and asks what Ed Miliband will want out of the Oldham East by-election.

Daniel Korski remembers Richard Holbrooke.

Nick Cohen ‘fisks’ Robert Fisk’s conceits about the threat of Islamism.

Rod Liddle praises a champion of inconvenient truths for the faux left.

Alex Massie analyses a debate between Danny Finkelstein and Tim Montgomerie.

Melanie Phillips notes a worrying development for Israel.

And the Book Blog celebrates Andrew Motion the educationalist.