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The week that was | 18 September 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week

Fraser Nelson asks why the high-priests of climate change alarmism fear debate, and wonders if it wise for the Tories to be more angry about the public finances.

James Forsyth thinks Vince Cable doesn’t receive anywhere near enough scrutiny, and sees Peter Mandelson losing his touch.

Peter Hoskin believes that all the political parties aren’t facing up to the debt crisis’ severity, and reads a report that should influence welfare reform for years to come.

David Blackburn isn’t sure the government’s coffin can take anymore nails, and doubts that an attack on middle class benefits will enable Labour to re-engage with its core vote.

Daniel Korski debates the implications of the end of Star Wars.

Lloyd Evans looks forward to the party conference season.

Martin Bright hears a delicious rumour.

Clive Davis sums up the decline of Drudge

Rod Liddle says that the laws against inciting religious and racial hatred are counter-productive.

Alex Massie writes in praise of Neville Chamberlain.

Melanie Phillips condemns the Goldstone report.

And, Cappuccino Culture says. Be shocking: use an adjective.