Stuart Waiton

Scotland’s juryless rape trials are based on a myth

Scotland currently faces a huge threat to the criminal justice system, in the form of juryless trials in rape cases.   In the Victims, Witnesses, and Justice Reform (Scotland) Bill, currently making its way through Holyrood, there is a proposal to carry out a pilot scheme where rape cases are adjudicated by a judge without a

Scottish schools have become places of indoctrination

Nicola Sturgeon may be on her way out – but after 16 years of SNP rule, Scottish schools are still places of indoctrination. This may sound like a hyperbolic thing to say, but that’s the only conclusion you can draw when you look at what Scottish educators and the Scottish government are saying themselves.   Take

The attempt to topple the Scottish Enlightenment

It’s not just America that is in the process of rewriting its history and casting itself as patriarchal and oppressive – a similar process is taking place in Scotland. Giants of the Enlightenment such as David Hume are being reimagined as the architects of slavery and the fathers of modern racism. Scotland’s first black professor,