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The week that was | 2 April 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson says the joke's on Gordon Brown, and explains why Tony Blair's return is good news for the Tories.

James Forsyth thinks the Tories have a clear message on taxation, and watches the Tory campaign sharpen up.

Peter Hoskin admires David Cameron's winning optimism, and says that Vince Cable and George Osborne put in solid performances in the Chancellor's TV debate.

David Blackburn
wonders whether David Davis is talking off-message, and waits for Gordon Brown to act.

Daniel Korski honours the righteous.

Martin Bright observes a possible new dawn for the "decent" left.

Susan Hill discovers that Shakespeare can be quite exciting.

Rod Liddle
rails against a bizarre and incoherent adjudication.

Alex Massie predicts how the media will respond to Wayne Rooney's injury.

Melanie Phillips thinks Obama is on the wrong side of history.

And Cappuccino Culture casts its eye across Anish Kapoor's Olympic memorial.