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The week that was | 2 October 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at this week.

Fraser Nelson can’t believe the lines Labour MPs are coming out with, and says it’s game over for Labour in Brighton.

James Forsyth says that getting shirty with the media won’t do Labour any favours, and sees Brown’s speech fall flat in Brighton.

Peter Hoskin believes that Brown’s fightback is already over, and reckons Brown’s drinking in the last chance saloon, again.

David Blackburn argues that the banks are our route to salvation, and observes Labour begging for the return of Blair.

Martin Bright asks why say it if you won’t act.

Rod Liddle wants to eradicate his inner racist.

Alex Massie wonders if Labour’s next leader will be Darling.

And Melanie Phillips receives a plea for help from the British police.