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The week that was | 20 March 2009

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Here are some of the posts made during the past week on

Fraser Nelson responds to the latest issue of the New Statesman, and thinks David Cameron got the better of Gordon Brown in PMQS.

James Forsyth reports on the government's debt worries, and says that the Tories are in the same position as Labour were nine months before the 1997 landslide.

Peter Hoskin picks up on Brown's non-apology, and thinks the Tories are ramping up their spending cut rhetoric.

Martin Bright watches Whistleblowers United in action.

Clive Davis wonders whether bloggers can actually write.

Alex Massie tracks the debate between the traditionalists and reformers over the future of the GOP.

Melanie Phillips gives her take on the AJC Durban II controversy.

Trading Floor asks: how much worse can AIG get?

And Americano watches Obama's troubled start continue.