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The week that was | 23 January 2009

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Matthew d'Ancona writes about a worthy opponent for Obama.

Fraser Nelson responds to LabourList over national debt, and wonders whether Britian is going to go the way of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

James Forsyth thinks the latest Tory reshuffle is a setback for Tory radicalism, and spots Barack Obama's memo to Miliband.

Peter Hoskin says that now's the time for "new politics", and outlines the Pickles approach.

Lisa Hilton highlights an affront to faith and thought.

Alex Massie wonders about Cameron the radical.

Melanie Phillips observes a defining moment.

Clive Davis marks the moment of Obama's inauguration.

Trading Floor talks about America.

And Americano thinks history will struggle with Bush.