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The week that was | 27 November 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson wonders if Britain's economy is turning Japanese.

James Forsyth highlights the risk that a hung parliament poses to UK bond market, and makes the case for sending 40,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Peter Hoskin spots Lord Mandelson making mischief, and urges caution over the rogue poll.

David Blackburn says that President Obama has procrastinated his way to failure over Afghanistan, and asks if the Chilcot inquiry will be any different.

Mark Bathgate cries out for the banks to be resolved.

Lloyd Evans watches Clegg and Cameron spring a few surprises on Gordon Brown.

Daniel Korski wonders who is to blame if the world is cooling.

Martin Bright reveals the real broken Britain.

Susan Hill wants the Arts Council to have its wings clipped.

Rod Liddle errs on the side of caution when it comes to climate change denial.

Alex Massie finds one area where Obama is worse than Bush.

Melanie Phillips disagrees with Rod Liddle about climate change.

And Cappuccino Culture thinks that satire has died.