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The week that was | 3 December 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson argues that David Cameron can be proud of his World Cup bid, and reveals Sweden's recession remedy.

James Forsyth says that England's defeated World Cup bid was a national embarrassment, and says that the Lib Dems need to get their act together over tuition fees.

Peter Hoskin digs out a leaked embassy memo about Margaret Thatcher, and observes a grim turning point for Ed Miliband.

David Blackburn outlines what the statist left thinks of the liberal right, and watches the government take the fight to students.

Daniel Korski highlights the Guardians Wiki-spin.

Martin Bright reveals the ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory.

Nick Cohen
explains why the poor loathe the coalition.

Rod Liddle
spots some double standards.

Alex Massie
discusses the madness of the World Cup.

Melanie Phillips
trawls through the blue lamp gutters.

The Spectator Arts Blog says that pop-up is not just for kids.

And the Spectator Book Blog picks its Book of the Month for December.