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The week that was... | 5 February 2010

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Here are some of the posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson explains why winning is not enough for the Tories, and sees nothing to get excited about in George Osborne's "new economic model".

James Forsyth reveals how to set up a school, and observes that the Old Lady is becoming more pessimistic.

Peter Hoskin thinks that the Tories are muddying their clear, blue water, and identifies the chip on Brown's shoulder.

David Blackburn watches Brown meet his Waterloo, and is disappointed that the Tories are speaking with Lord Stern.

Daniel Korski wonders whether or not the Iraq War was in the national interest.

Martin Bright reveals his history with Charlie Whelan.

Susan Hill looks into ME.

Rod Liddle argues that Cameron grasps at populism out of desperation.

Alex Massie asks for better MPs.

Melanie Phillips tracks the wobbles of the climate change lobby.

And Cappuccino Culture gives its take on the first episodes of the new series of Mad Men.