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The week that was | 5 March 2010

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Here are some posts made on over the past week:

Fraser Nelson explains why the Tories should talk about immigration, and faces the protesters.

James Forsyth
wonders whether the Tories are over the worst of their wobble, and welcomes Michael Gove's efforts to restore the educational gold standard.

Peter Hoskin
says that any fallout the Tories face over Lord Ashcroft is of their own making, and watches Gordon Brown go crimefighting.

Daniel Korski argues that Britain should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

Susan Hill
asks: where does the blame lie?

Rod Liddle
thinks that the Guardian is loathsome and loathful.

Alex Massie sets out the problem of too much democracy.

Melanie Phillips worries that it's anti-Israel Bigotry Week.

And Cappuccino Culture wants the old Times2 to return.