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The week that was | 6 November 2009

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Here are some of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson knows that Brussels fears only one thing.

James Forsyth says that Cameron hasn’t broken a pledge on Europe, and expects the return of the Tory Euro-wars if Cameron cannot deliver his European reforms.

David Blackburn argues that public contempt for political elites extends beyond the expenses scandal, and ponders the lessons of the Nutt affair.

Lloyd Evans asks how much longer must we wait.

Martin Bright hears a cheer go up in the Foreign Office.

Susan Hill urges the Archbishop of Canterbury to address anti-Semitism.

Rod Liddle derides the congregation at the Church For Very Sad Polar Bears.

Alex Massie thinks that Rod Liddle’s education policy is antediluvian piffle.

Melanie Phillips berates Britain’s timid Jews.

And Cappuccino Culture enjoys childish pleasure.