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The week that was | 8 October 2010

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Here is a selection of the posts made at over the past week.

Fraser Nelson groans as David Cameron resuscitates the Big Society, and urges George Osborne to go even further on middle class benefits.

James Forsyth denies that the Tories have committed their ‘10p tax mistake’, and awaits the end of universal benefit.

Peter Hoskin watches IDS set out a vision to alleviate poverty, and explains how Osborne and IDS are working closely on welfare reform.

David Blackburn wonders what the Tory right and libertarians made of Cameron’s disavowal of laissez-faire, and reveals that the Scottish Tories won’t oppose AV.

Martin Bright goes in search of the Big Society.

Susan Hill joins the conversation.

Rod Liddle like the coalition’s progressive child benefit reforms.

Alex Massie asks if the Conservative reformers were wrong.

And Melanie Phillips describes child benefit as an engine of mass fatherlessness.