Rod Liddle

The woke revolution is devouring its children

The woke revolution is devouring its children
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I would have more sympathy for Suzanne Moore if the road upon which she is gleefully mown down by the juggernauts of the woke left were not one which she eagerly participated in constructing: putting out the cones, levelling the tarmac etc. Almost all she writes about these days is her terrible struggles against ‘progressives’ who call her a terf (trans exclusionary radical feminist) and wish to stop her writing what she is writing. But she will not stop! Because she is brave! How wonderfully noble.

She fails to understand two important points. First, that for many people within her milieu, including a good number of her colleagues at the Guardian, what she writes about transgendered men is hateful, transphobic and antediluvian. That is why they want to stop her – and write long letters to that effect, detailing her transphobia. It is as hateful – perhaps more hateful – than me suggesting we should lower immigration for the good of the country.

But for her, transphobia is the hate that is allowed to speak its name. It is a prejudice or point of view she can sign up to – partly because it is, as I suspect she knows, one held by the vast majority of people in the country (including me), and therefore it’s OK. Booting the trannies is just fine, then – because on everything else Moore is as woke as a new born baby at three in the morning. And that’s the second point she doesn’t grasp.

The post-rational claims of the transgendered community to the effect that women and men are not really different biological constructs follows directly – indeed, inevitably – from the post-rational insistence of feminists that women are ‘better’ than men whilst simultaneously being no different to men, whilst being subjugated by men: not doublethink, but triplethink. The ludicrous notion that the stuff hardwired into the brains of men and women is of no consequence. That all differences between us are merely a social construct, despite enormous scientific and colloquial evidence to the contrary. And, following that absurdity, that actually women are still kind of better. Moore’s previous columns, before the men-women people came along, were rank with that idiotic misandry common to the woke left. Men, huh? What bastards.

But then there’s this. Perpetually outraged that people should try to silence her for her hate crimes and wallowing in her victimhood, she ends up in The Spectator – a magazine which supports the freedom of speech and rightly allows her to have her say. A magazine which genuinely opposes the censoriousness and absolutism of the progressive left. What does she actually think about editors who subscribe to this ideal of freedom of speech? She’s very clear about that. In a typically bile-filled article based upon quotes taken out of context, hearsay and inaccuracies she insisted that editors who published people like me were ‘normalising hate’. Inevitable, then, that when she wished to ‘normalise’ her hate for the transgendered community, she should do so in the very publication she had eviscerated.