Theresa May’s big problem? Her ‘passion for what’s workable,’ says Tory MP

Theresa May's big problem? Her 'passion for what's workable,' says Tory MP
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Andrea Jenkyns is regarded by many Tory MPs as a Brexit champion – after the Conservative MP for Morley pre-emptively quit last month as a PPS to fight for Brexit. Since then Jenkyns has become one of the loudest voices calling for a new tack from No 10 in the negotiations.

However, Mr S can't help but wonder whether Jenkyn's latest intervention didn't land quite as she had intended. In an interview with the Telegraph, the Tory MP attempts to criticise the Prime Minister for not being a true Brexiteer – not because she's a Remainer but because her passion is... 'what's workable'

'It is time for her to go. I don't think she has passion for either Remain or Brexit, I think she has a passion for what's workable.'

Mr S suspects that a 'passion for what's workable' isn't the best attack-line for the Brexiteers going forward.

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