Theresa May’s fondue dilemma

Theresa May's fondue dilemma
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We've all been there. You go to Davos to hang out with the global elite and drum up business for Brexit Britain in the ritzy resort – but then you decide that actually all you want is a fondue in peace.

So, spare a thought for the Prime Minister. In today's Times, Theresa May's former advisor Katie Perrior recalls what went on the last time the Prime Minister went to Davos. Rather than meet with one of China's richest men, May opted to have a fondue:

'For instance, Jack Ma is a business figure of global importance. But when one of China’s richest men sought a meeting with Mrs May in Davos last year, he was told that she was too busy. And while the man behind Alibaba — often called Asia’s Amazon — was sent on his way, Mrs May blocked out several hours to have fondue with close aides.'

On the bright side, at least May is at a low risk of ever falling for a Chinese 'cash for Brexit' scheme, as several ex-Cabinet Ministers have been accused this week.

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