Theresa May’s spouse rebuke on shaky ground

Theresa May's spouse rebuke on shaky ground
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After the Prime Minister turned her ire on a lobby hack this week for failing to ask her a serious question, Theresa May has now moved on to would-be journalists in the Tory party. In the latest edition of the House magazine, James Cleverly – the deputy chairman – interviews his boss. In the easy touch, pre-conference interview, Cleverly asks May if she ever seeks work advice from her husband Philip. However, he doesn't get the answer he is looking for with May accusing him of light sexism:

'This is just a thought. I just wondered when you asked me about Philip’s role, whether if I was a male prime minister, you would have asked the same question about their wife?'

This has provoked the usual outrage that Cleverly was asking a female Prime Minister something he would never ask a male one. Only Mr S suspects May is barking up the wrong tree. After all, when in No 10, David Cameron was asked how his wife Sam helped to shape his responses to crimes against humanity in Syria. Even Thatcher’s armour was pierced when she talked of Dennis’ 'fund of shrewd advice'.

Perhaps it was too much of an ask to just answer the question...