Isabel Hardman

Theresa May to give ‘significant’ statement on child abuse row

Theresa May to give 'significant' statement on child abuse row
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What can we expect from the government response to the growing child abuse dossier row? Government sources are stressing this morning that Theresa May's Commons statement will be 'significant' and that its content will be broader than simply naming the QC looking at the Home Office dossier.

Based on David Cameron's handling of previous historic cases such as Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough, the Prime Minister will want to give every impression that this government is doing everything it can to go where previous governments may have failed to or refused.

It's clear from the briefings and readiness of ministers including George Osborne and Nick Clegg to go on the airwaves that they are keen to appear to be doing everything they can, rather than treating the swirling allegations as a distraction or as something they haven't got a clue how to deal with. This isn't something that happened on Cameron's watch, but he knows that inaction could quickly make it his own problem.