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The latest issue of the Spectator is released today. If you are a subscriber you can view it here. If you have not subscribed, but would like to view this week’s content, you can subscribe online now.

Four articles from the latest issue are available for free online to all website users:

The political left is discredited, but a new force has risen to attack the Conservatives. James Forsyth reveals how the Tories plan to fight the war that has been declared on them by the cultural left.

Matthew Lynn argues that Generation Recession are confused and cross because they’ve been sold a pup by the government, their teachers and even their parents. What can be done to restore their confidence?

It is a deeply unfashionable viewpoint, almost sacrilegious, but Paul Robinson believes that the generals must take their share of the blame for the mess that is developing in Afghanistan.

And Rod Liddle says that the expenses scandal is summed up by the fact that Jacqui Smith escaped punishment for all the pornos and bath plugs bought at our expense.

Additionally, all of last week's issue has now been uploaded to the website. Here is a selection of articles from it:

Con Coughlin asks whatever happened to Hillary Clinton?

Matthew Parris will only ‘think cyclist’ when cyclists ‘think motorist’.

Charles Moore notes how the recession has turned everything topsy-turvy: the Tories have actually been aiming for ‘bad’ headlines.

James Delingpole is overwhelmed by the amount of television to write about.

And Alan Judd reviews Christopher Andrew’s official history of Mi5.