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Timing contrition

Timing contrition
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James Crabtree, a Labour SPAD turned managing editor of Prospect, has a good piece in the new Prospect about how the first step to recovery for Labour after the next election, assuming they lose, will be saying sorry. Crabtree argues that even if the Tory majority is small, Labour would be ill-advised to move straight into oppositional mode, attacking every Tory cut. Rather, he argues, the party needs to understand that its "brand is now nearly as contaminated as the Tories before it."


One of the challenges for the Tories should they win the next election will be bringing home to the public just what an appalling state Labour has left the public finances in. Even if Labour did halve the deficit in the next four years, and they have shown no credible plan for doing this, Britain would still be borrowing 6.3 percent of GDP — twice the Maastricht criteria.

PS Jess Asato, head of the Blairite ginger group Progress, thinks Labour needs to apologise before the election.