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Tired rhetoric

Tired rhetoric
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Gordon Brown's speech to the Labour Party Spring Conference was hardly inspiring stuff.  In fact, Rosa Prince tells you all you need to know over at Three Line Whip:

"Theme: Elitist Tories want cuts in public services and a referendum on the past (i.e. Europe) - Labour is delivering on opportunity for all."

Here - for intrepid readers - is Brown's version of that:  

"So let me explain why only the Labour Party has the seriousness of purpose, the hunger for change, the passion for spreading opportunity,  the mission of justice for all that can meet the rising ambitions of this new age.

Why? Because the Conservative Party have already confessed 10 billion pounds worth of tax cuts, tax cuts that we can demonstrate beyond doubt, disproportionately favour the wealthiest in society.

And whilst New Labour will always get the right balance between public service investment, affordable tax cuts, and economic stability, the country has learnt only this week, the truth from the Conservative front bench, that their billions of pounds of tax cuts, will be paid for by billions of pounds of spending cuts, in our vital public services.

But don’t just listen to what they say, or what i say, look at what they do. I don’t need to tell anybody here that round the country, Tory councillors are cutting the very services upon which we all depend.

And this is the difference between the two parties, at the very time when to meet the challenge of change we need more opportunity not less."

The problem for the Prime Minister is that his own party's tiring of the rhetoric.  As the Guardian's Deborah Summers puts it, there's a "sense of gloom" pervading the conference.  And, on today's showing, it's hard to see what will lift Labour spirits.  Do CoffeeHousers have any ideas?