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Today in audio: Boris vs Dave

Today in audio: Boris vs Dave
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With the May elections over, the EU referendum campaign is now in full swing. David Cameron started the day warning that Brexit could put peace in Europe at risk. In his speech at the British Museum this morning, the PM also asked whether leaving the EU was a risk worth taking. Here's what he said:

Boris hit back by making his case for voting out, saying that negotiating on behalf of the EU is like 'trying to ride a vast 28-man pantomime horse':

He also sung 'Ode to Joy' in German:

And Boris even appeared to forget the name of the city which, until a few days ago, he was the Mayor of:

Whilst on the subject of the EU referendum, Tory MP Crispin Blunt said after careful consideration he was backing Brexit:

But it wasn't all about the European Union. Jeremy Hunt faced MPs at the Health select committee, in which he spoke of a 'triple whammy' hitting the NHS:

Want to know what to make of David Cameron's warning about Brexit today? Listen to Isabel Hardman, James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson discuss: