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Today in audio: Mogg piles pressure on Boris over Brexit

Today in audio: Mogg piles pressure on Boris over Brexit
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Jacob Rees Mogg might be one of the best known Eurosceptic faces in Parliament but he won't be leading the charge for Brexit.

The Tory backbencher laughed off the suggestion on the Daily Politics that he would be the face of the leave campaign - saying he didn't need to rule himself out 'because no one is going to rule me in':

Mogg also talked about waiting for 'the great Mayor of London' to make up his mind about backing Brexit or asking whether Boris would fall in line behind the Prime Minister and vote to stay in. The Conservative MP for Somerset said if Boris 'jumped to stay in', then his hopes of becoming the next party leader would immediately 'vanish':

Ruth Davidson admitted her confusion over which century Jacob Rees Mogg was actually from. Davidson said she forgot he was part of the 2010 intake - thinking he was an MP from the 19th century:

Meanwhile, Emily Thornberry compared the nuclear issue with having a bigger stick than the other side. She was speaking on the Today show the morning after a fiery meeting of Labour MPs at the Parliamentary Labour Party:

Her Labour colleague Andy Burnham did not seem optimistic about the possibility of the party coming to an agreement over Trident. Burnham suggested that it may even be impossible to find an amicable settlement over nuclear weapons:

And after the PM came in for criticism for suggesting the Calais 'Jungle' could come to Kent if Britain backed Brexit, David Cameron received support from Sir Peter Ricketts. The former Ambassador to France said that if Britain left the EU, France would likely reconsider its position over whether the border remained in Calais: