Top spin, Dave

Top spin, Dave
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The prime minister’s appearance at Wimbledon yesterday, and his invitation of Andy Murray to Downing Street, has got some miserable lefty tongues wagging. No doubt they are livid that the ‘Curse of Cameron’ has lifted, while the memory of Gordon ‘Jonah’ Brown putting the mockers on British sporting endeavour lives.

Moaners will always moan that our politicians try to muscle in on sporting greats; but there is no doubt that the Prime Minister is a tennis fan. Despite his rather odd decision to wear a dark business suit on the hottest day of the year, he was clearly enjoying himself in the Royal Box and his face was a picture of delight when Andy Murray made his little bit of history.

Cameron is also a dab hand with a racket. In an interview with the Standard the PM’s former tennis partner, Liam Fox, complains that Dave is ‘left-handed, it’s unfair’. Meanwhile, Mark Pritchard, the backbencher who usually likes nothing more than embarrassing the PM, told the Daily Politics that Cameron is 'the best tennis player' in parliament ‘after Speaker Bercow, probably.’ There’s only one way to settle that question.