Peter Hoskin

Tories getting tougher on crime

Tories getting tougher on crime
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David Cameron's interviewed in today's Sun, and he outlines new Tory plans to increase the stop-and-search capabilities of policemen:

"We are never going to deal with [violent crime] unless we free the police to do far more stopping and far more searching. I am quite clear the current rules have to go.

In the British police service there were problems with racism, there were problems with attitude. That needed to change. I think it has now been changed.

That change is a good thing. But it’s now time to recognise that it is now possible for the police to carry out more stop and searches without being accused of racism. We will carry out a review to see how we would do it and would implement it very rapidly under a Conservative government.

“Stop and search rules were put in place to protect young black and Asian British kids. Now it’s the young black and British Asian kids that are being stabbed and shot and the rules are getting in the way of protecting them.”

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