Tory MP: I was wrong to vote for May’s Brexit deal

Tory MP: I was wrong to vote for May's Brexit deal
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There was a glimmer of hope for Theresa May and her Brexit deal on Friday when some Tory eurosceptics decided to vote for the withdrawal agreement after all. Richard Drax was one of them. But now he says he regrets doing so. He told the Commons this afternoon:

I do feel I have not been true to myself. Although doing what I believed to be in the country's best interests at that moment in time, I quickly realised that I should not have voted with the government on Friday afternoon. What I should have done – and did not – was to trust my instincts and those of the British people. I made the wrong call on Friday.

If the Prime Minister's Brexit deal is ever going to pass, she needs to win over Tory MPs, not lose them. Could this finally be game over for the withdrawal agreement?

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