Tory MP: Theresa May will be gone in six months

Tory MP: Theresa May will be gone in six months
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There's not a cabinet minister in sight to fight Theresa May's corner following a disastrous election result. However, Tory backbenchers are proving more forthcoming. The only issue is they don't seem to have much nice to say about their leader.

After Anna Soubry called on May to consider her position, Heidi Allen has gone one step further and predicted -- in an interview with LBC -- that May will be gone within six months:

'I don't believe that Theresa May will stay as our Prime Minister indefinitely. In my view, it may well just be a period of transition. We do need to get some stability. But I just don't know how that's going to pan out in the next sort of week or two.'

When pressed for a time scale, the Conservative MP said she can't see MAy lasting anymore than six months:

ID: How long would you give her?

HA: Certainly I don't see any more than six months.

Should May wish to cling, Mr S suspects she reaches out to her party in the coming days...

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