Isabel Hardman

Tory MPs promised ‘big bang’ announcement on EU migration

Tory MPs promised 'big bang' announcement on EU migration
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The Tories will announce a big new policy on freedom of movement in the European Union, David Cameron told his MPs tonight.

At a meeting of the Parliamentary party, the Tory leader promised what one Eurosceptic attendee described as a 'big bang' announcement on freedom of movement. Apparently this pleased those there no end, even those usually critical of the Prime Minister.

MPs were also told they are expected to visit Rochester to campaign at least three times, and the cabinet five times, which is clearly an intervention from Lynton Crosby as the whips had decided at the end of last week that they wouldn't bother. This was what one source close to the PM described as 'a call to arms for us all'.

Like Labour's parliamentary party meeting last night, MPs went in with plenty of jitters but came out soothed. A meeting behind closed doors doesn't win a by-election, but it at least cools the party mood for a little while. Often the source of panic is the assumption that there isn't a plan: both party leaders have at least given the impression in the last two days that there is one.