Trudeau in blackface row (again)

Trudeau in blackface row (again)
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Justin Trudeau's snap election has just gone from bad to worse. The incumbent Canadian Prime Minister decided last month to call a snap election to improve his parliamentary standing. 

It was a contest no-one wanted (or expected) and the move seems to have backfired spectacularly. Hectored by anti-vaxxers, lambasted for his Covid record and lampooned as 'UnCanadian' for calling a contest in a pandemic, Trudeau is hoping to preserve his current number of seats, let alone dream of increasing it.

Now just hours before the polls are due to open, a fresh photo has emerged of the hereditary premier grinning in blackface. Released by an anti-Trudeau campaign group, it shows the liberal icon at an Arabian Nights school event, clad in a turban and robes with his tongue protruding manically. Similar pictures from the same event infamously surfaced in 2019 but this is the first time this particular image has been released – and in glorious technicolour too.

The timing of the release has clearly been designed to cause the amateur Bhangra-dancer maximum embarrassment by reviving memories of some of his worst moments in office. So many images had previously surfaced of Trudeau in black/brown face that he was forced to concede that he 'could not remember' just exactly how many times he had worn such decidedly un-PC attire.

Still, not to worry. Judging from the final campaign polls it looks like Trudeau will have plenty of time to recall all such incidents when he starts work on his post-premiership memoirs.

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