Ukip’s Peterborough by-election woes

Ukip's Peterborough by-election woes
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It's fair to say that recent campaigns and elections haven't been kind to Ukip. First, the party fell apart and crumbled following the EU referendum campaign, and now it's suffering the indignity of seeing Nigel Farage's newly formed Brexit party surge in the polls, while its own organisation is taken over by YouTube stars.

But the party has been made to suffer another embarrassment in the Peterbrough by-election tomorrow. The Ukip candidate for Peterborough, John Whitby, tells Mr S that Labour and the other political parties are giving him a hard time because he lives over the river past the constituency boundary, and so can't vote for himself in the election tomorrow.

Mr S can see why he's upset. After all, when you're polling this low, every vote really does count...

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