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Viewing suggestions for government

Viewing suggestions for government
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Ben Brogan writes a very useful article in today's Telegraph, outlining the preparations that the Tories are making for government.  He details some of the meetings between shadow ministers and top civil servants; the advice that Michael Heseltine has given the Cameroons ("don't bother with special advisers"); and William Hague's directives for the Foreign Office.  But it's this passage that jumped out at me:

"Alongside the formal talks, there have been seminars, breakfasts and long sessions with former mandarins and ministers who have all brought their expertise to bear. There are even reading and viewing lists, which include Gerald Kaufman's How to be a Minister and Alastair Campbell's diaries, as well as Yes, Minister and The Thick of It."

I know Yes, Minister and The Thick of It are praised for their authenticity - and rightly so.  And I'd certainly recommend In the Loop. the film from the team behind The Thick of It, to all CoffeeHousers.  But it does seem slightly bizarre that they're getting placed on "viewing lists" for a would-be government.  Oh well - that's Westminster, I guess.