Peter Hoskin

Voters look to the Tories as the credit crunch bites

Voters look to the Tories as the credit crunch bites
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Another encouraging poll for Team Cameron today. The latest ICM / Sunday Telegraph poll puts the Tories on 43 percent (up 6 from last month); Labour on 32 percent (unchanged); and the Lib Dems on 18 percent (down 3).

Below the headline figures, there's some suggestion that the credit crunch is starting to hit people in the pocket. Around 22 percent of voters have had to cut back their personal spending “a lot” over the past year, whilst 37 percent have done so “a little”. The worry is that things will only get worse. Our latest cover story paints a bleak picture for home-owners. And – thanks to Gordon Brown – lower-paid workers will today start paying twice as much tax on their income.

The Government has washed its hands of the credit crunch generation. If the Tories can convince voters that they're the party which cares, then they'll further cement their advantage. On this front, another of the poll's findings may give Cameron & Osborne food for thought. Some 23 percent of voters said they'd be more likely to vote Tory if the party pledged to cut both public spending and taxes. Only 8 percent said they'd be less likely. Will the former figure be larger (and the latter figure smaller) in a few month's time?