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Wanted: a podcast producer for The Spectator

Wanted: a podcast producer for The Spectator
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The Spectator is the world’s oldest (and Europe’s fastest-growing) magazine and is read by more people than ever. But our podcasts now get over 1.5 million downloads a month: demand is pretty big and we need a podcast producer to help the expansion.

We currently have a one-person podcast team, Cindy Yu, who produces nine regular podcasts covering everything from Brexit and Trump to the latest releases in the literary and culinary world.

We need someone who, at 8am, can have a decent idea for what to discuss on a Coffee House Shots; who can look at a copy of the magazine and suggests not just three topics for our Edition podcast, but the guests. You will also need to understand what makes The Spectator's editorial tone unique, and unlike other broadcast outlets like the BBC or LBC, you'll need to have an ability to make order out of chaos and be versatile. At The Spectator, most of our journalists do a bit of everything: you would help out on the news desk, write the odd Steerpike and have a well-developed sense of the absurd – along with a sense of humour.

We have a no-CV policy at The Spectator, so please don’t send yours. In journalism, all that matters is whether you can do it – so we instead ask applicants to sit an aptitude test. So please send a covering letter with some thoughts on what you could bring to the role and complete at least three of the tasks below. Please also include your current salary and, if applicable, your notice period.


Do one or both of the below:

• Produce and present a short podcast (max 7 minutes) on a session of PMQs – pick out the highlights, play the clips, and explain what’s going on.

• Produce and present a short video explaining a news story you have seen.

And at least two of the below:

• List potential podcast guest line-ups for three stories found from recent issues of The Spectator (one must be current affairs). Briefly explain why you chose each guest.

• Write podcast scripts introducing three stories found from recent issues of The Spectator.

• Give three suggestions for how to grow podcast listenership.

• Pitch a new podcast series – title, topic, guests, host, music.

• Point to at least one thing we're doing wrong with our current podcasts

• Suggest three outro songs for three different episodes of Coffee House Shots. (No Eurovision songs allowed)

Please send your application to with the subject title 'JOB APPLICATION'. The deadline for applications is Friday 28 February, and if you haven’t heard from us by Friday 13 March, please assume that on this occasion you haven’t been selected for an interview.