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Washington, there ain’t no town like it...

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Via, GFR, the latest gem from the perennially entertaining DC government:

On May 21, 2004, Emerson Crawley ran up a $225 tab at one of the District's swankiest strip clubs.

Then he stuck schoolchildren with his bill. He turned in a reimbursement request to the school system describing his visit to Camelot Show Bar as a "school planning meeting."

Over two years, Crawley and his colleague William R. Jones billed more than $13,000 worth of expensive meals, drinks and entertainment to a student activity fund at Shaw Junior High School, audit records show.

As someone who, once upon a time, was professionally required to spend some time at a Glasgow lap-dancing lounge, I have every sympathy for Mr Crawley. It's tough out there, you know...

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