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Watch and read: Nigel Farage launches Ukip’s 2010 election manifesto

Watch and read: Nigel Farage launches Ukip’s 2010 election manifesto
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Does Nigel Farage really have no idea what was in Ukip’s 2010 election manifesto? Yesterday, he claimed on the Daily Politics he had never seen or heard of many of the policies the party stood for. But if you take a look at the video above, Farage was one the main speakers when the manifesto was launched in April 2010.

The low-grade staging is again a sign of how far Ukip have come in the last three years, but their message hasn’t changed much. Farage claims:

‘The choice the public has is not about a change of government but a change of management’

Always the outsider, and who offers the solution? Ukip of course:

‘It’s time for some straight talk about who governs Britain.

And as now, he's keen to stress that his party are the underdogs:

‘Ever since this party was born, we were told you’ve got no chance, it won’t go anywhere. But on the last national test of opinion, which was the the European elections on June 4th last year, little Ukip came second. Beating the Liberal Democrats and beating the Labour party. I have a sense that out there in the country, despite the difficulties of this electoral system, we are doing very much better in this general election than we ever have before. Don’t completely write us off.'

As the Conservatives learnt last year when trying to rejig their website, what goes online stays online. If Farage wants to completely reinvent Ukip before the next general election, he will have to realise he simply can't pretend their past didn't happen.

PS: It also seems that Farage co-signed the introduction to the 2010 manifesto. See page two of this PDF

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