Watch: Cameron takes a swipe at Farage over his ‘poncey foreign-sounding’ name pronunciation

Watch: Cameron takes a swipe at Farage over his 'poncey foreign-sounding' name pronunciation
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With little love lost between the Prime Minister and Nigel Farage, today the Ukip leader found himself on the receiving end of David Cameron's ire during PMQs. When asking Cameron whether the public should listen to Brexit figures like Nigel Farage, Ben Bradshaw pronounced Farage's name as 'Farridge'. This delighted Cameron, who proceeded to blast Farage for using the 'poncey foreign-sounding' pronunciation.

BB: With the United Kingdom facing our most momentous decision in a generation in eight weeks time, does the Prime Minister think it makes more sense for all of us to listen to all of our closest friends and allies around the world, or to a combination of French fascists, Nigel Farage and Vladimir Putin.

DC: I'm glad he takes the English pronunciation of Farage rather than the rather poncey foreign-sounding one that he seems to prefer. I think that's a thoroughly good thing.

Farage can take comfort that he wasn't the only one in Cameron's firing line. The PM also directed some of his criticism for Jeremy Corbyn, telling the Labour leader that if he carried on at his current rate, there would be a new party leader in no time:

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