Watch: Corbynista insists Labour’s policies ‘are incredibly popular’

Watch: Corbynista insists Labour's policies 'are incredibly popular'
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Labour has had a dreadful night. The party has lost 59 seats overnight, handing the party its worst result since 1935. But some Corbynistas are taking a different view of what took place at the election. Pro-Corbyn commentator Grace Blakeley insisted that, however badly the party did, Labour's policies were not at fault. She told Good Morning Britain:

'Left-wing policies that have been democratically developed and chosen by the Labour party are incredibly popular.'

It fell to Piers Morgan to ask the question on everyone else's minds:

'If the policies were that popular, why has Jeremy Corbyn just taken one of the biggest drubbings in modern political history?'

Blakeley went on to suggest Labour had been punished over Brexit. Mr S is not so sure...

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