Watch: Dominic Grieve says Tory party has been ‘Talibanised’

Watch: Dominic Grieve says Tory party has been 'Talibanised'
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There is no love lost between Dominic Grieve and his local Tory party association, but Mr S. thinks that the MP for Beaconsfield's latest comments will hardly help matters.

At an event in London, Grieve said there had been a 'Talibanisation' of the Tory party. He also said that a fear of being deselected was putting Tory MPs off from speaking out against a no-deal Brexit:

'There has been a sort of Talibanisation of sections of the Conservative party grassroots membership with some vociferous minorities – but often capable of dominating meetings coming along and trying to get rid of MPs interestingly enough who've been totally loyal. Who've simply indicated by the occasional expression of doubt that the purity of the ERG's Brexit vision might be mistaken, so they've been at the rough end of quite a lot of difficulty and I think that's one of the reasons why they tend to hide a little behind the parapet.'

Mr S isn't sure comparing Tory members to the Taliban is a wise idea...

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