Watch: Evan Davis taken to task over Brexit bias

Watch: Evan Davis taken to task over Brexit bias
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Brexit supporters are used to getting a hard time when they appear on TV, but enough was enough for Iain Dale when he popped up on Newsnight last night. After being introduced as a Brexit supporter – in contrast to Matthew Parris and Rachel Shabi, who were called a ‘Times columnist’ and a ‘Labour-supporting columnist’ – Dale took Evan Davis for task:

Iain Dale: ‘Why do I get called Brexit supporter and these two – you don’t describe these two as Remain.’

Evan Davis: ‘Yeah but but –’

Dale: ‘I mean, come on…’

Davis: ‘You’re quite right…You are our Brexit supporter, and I want to get from you––’

Dale: ‘It’s always one against two, isn’t it…’

Mr S doesn't think this interview was Evan Davis's finest hour...

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