Watch: Extinction Rebellion member storms off Sky News

Watch: Extinction Rebellion member storms off Sky News
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The Extinction Rebellion group of climate change activists have caused widespread disruption in the capital this week, as they blockade busy roads in central London to bring attention to the UK's efforts to tackle global warming.

Today, they ramped up the protests by specifically targeting public transport. In a press release, the group said that it's aim was to 'create moments in time when humanity stops and fully considers the extent of the harm we have done and are doing to life on earth', which seemed to involve glueing themselves to the Docklands Light Railway.

It appears though that while the group is steadfast in their belief that disrupting commuters is the best way to convince people to take climate change seriously, they are far less comfortable defending their views when challenged.

Extinction rebellion representative Robin Boardman was on Sky News this afternoon to defend the group's tactics, but when it was suggested by presenter Adam Boulton that they were 'a load of incompetent middle-class self-indulgent people who want to tell us how to live their lives',  the climate activist simply stormed out of the studio in protest, saying he wouldn't 'stand for anything else.'

Clearly Boulton struck a nerve...

Watch here:

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