Watch: Gove’s message to Boris: ‘Don’t pull out’

Watch: Gove's message to Boris: 'Don't pull out'
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The Tory leadership race is turning nasty. And not for the first time, it's Michael Gove who is taking a pop at Boris Johnson. After a disastrous weekend for Gove that was overshadowed by revelations of drug-taking, Gove has just attempted to start afresh at his campaign launch. Gove also used his speech to take a shot at Boris. Here is his message to his rival:

'If I get through – which I am sure I will actually – to the final two against Mr Johnson, this is what I will say to him: Mr Johnson, whatever you do, don't pull out. I know you have before and I know you may not believe in your heart that you can do it, but the Conservative party membership deserve a choice. So let's have a proper race'

Gone are the days of Gove calling his old pal Boris....

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