Watch: Jo Swinson’s battle bus targeted by climate protesters

Watch: Jo Swinson's battle bus targeted by climate protesters
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Jo Swinson's campaign ground to a halt this morning in Brixton after climate change activists dressed as bees stuck themselves to the front of the Lib Dem battle bus. The party has gone big in its manifesto on tackling what it calls the 'climate emergency', vowing to ensure Britain leads 'the world in tackling' the issue. But clearly this is not enough for the trio, reportedly from Extinction Rebellion, who are demanding 'a new form of democracy'.

Early morning drama in Streatham where some people dressed as bees are demonstrating by sticking themselves to Jo Swinson’s bus

— Adam Payne (@adampayne26) December 4, 2019

Swinson hopped out of the bus in a bid to convince the activists into ending their protest. But unfortunately her attempt to do so backfired when one of the protesters said it was 'patronising' to refer to their 'campaigning work'. The group is an 'active rebellion' against the government, he told the Lib Dem leader.

Mr S wonders whether the protesters realise that the Lib Dem bus is actually electric...

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