Watch: John McDonnell’s call for ‘direct action’ against Tory MPs

Watch: John McDonnell's call for 'direct action' against Tory MPs
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Jacob Rees-Mogg won support from across the political spectrum on Wednesday when the MP and his children were ambushed outside of their home. Class War activist Ian Bone took it upon himself to inform the Conservative politician's young children that their 'daddy is a totally horrible person':

'Lots of people don't like your daddy, you know that? He's probably not told you that. Lots of people hate him.'

The incident led to mass condemnation from the Left as well as Tories. So, why would people come up with the idea of harassing an elected Member of Parliament in this way? Mr S wonders whether the answer can be found in a statement made by John McDonnell in 2012:

'I want to be in a situation where no Tory MP, no Tory MP, no coalition minister, can travel anywhere in the country, or show their face anywhere in public, without being challenged, without direct action.'

McDonnell may be getting his wish but it certainly doesn't feel like the kinder, gentler politics Labour promised...