Watch: Kate Hoey’s Brexit warning to Corbynistas

Watch: Kate Hoey's Brexit warning to Corbynistas
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All Grown Up

Jami Attenberg

Serpent’s Tail, pp. 197, £

The Corbynistas don't have much time for Kate Hoey, the Labour MP and ardent Brexiteer. Owen Jones accused Hoey of propping up a government that is leading Britain 'into calamity' by refusing to vote down the Tories over Brexit. But the MP for Vauxhall has a message for her critics: it isn't me you should worry about. Instead, Hoey said, Corbyn's supporters should keep an eye on the likes of Chuka Umunna and other Labour MPs calling for a second referendum. Their support for a 'people's vote' has little to do with Brexit, she said, and more to do with trying to make life difficult for Jeremy Corbyn. Here's what she told a Labour fringe event:

'I'm afraid to say that the people in parliament now on (the) Labour side, who are most against Brexit and are doing their upmost to stop it, are actually people who are using it also as an excuse to get at Jeremy. That is the reality....they are anti Jeremy. And they see this as a way of getting at Jeremy Corbyn.'

Perhaps they should have a word with Keir Starmer...

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